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Annual Physical Exam

Our comprehensive physical examination, often referred to as a "physical," is your ultimate shield against potential health issues.  By screening patients regularly, our skilled physicians can detect potential diseases long before symptoms manifest, paving the way for timely intervention and a healthier future. A physical examination is the cornerstone of preventive medicine. Our examinations go above and beyond, catering to your specific needs based on age, gender, and individual health requirements. Whether you're seeking an annual check-up, a pre-employment assessment, or specialized corporate and school entrance physicals, we have you covered.


  • Comprehensive physical examination 

  • Laboratory evaluation:

    • Complete blood cell count

    • Electrolytes

    • Liver function

    • Kidney function

    • Thyroid level

    • Cholesterol panel

    • Risk for diabetes

    • Urine analysis

    • Vitamin D level: coverage depends on insurance

    • Hepatitis screening

    • Sexually transmitted disease if requested) 

  • Medical health assessment

    • Conduct thorough review of medical history and current health status

  • Cardiovascular risk assessment

    • Assess your risk for cardivascular event ( ie heart attack/ stroke) based on your blood pressure, weight, height, smoking/drinking history, family history

    • Electrocardiogram (EKG) to measure your heart rate, rhythm, and function ( if one has risk factors)

    • Will refer to cardiologist for further in depth evaluation if risk is high

  • Discuss cancer screening based on age/sex

    • Men:  Prostate Specific Antigen Test, Colon cancer screening via Cologuard for blood in stool or colonoscopy will be advised

    • Women: Pap smear, mammogram, Colon cancer screening via hemoccult for blood in stool or colonoscopy will be advised. 

    • If significant family history present, genetic cancer gene test will be discussed 

  • Evaluate personal health risk based on family history, social habits, lifestyle

  • Electrocardiogram (if deemed necessary)

    • Based on age, past medial history, chest pain, palpitations, dizziness, etc

  • Spirometry (lung function test) if deemed necessary 

    • For symptoms of shortness of breath, coughing, smoking history, etc

Most health plans understand the importance of a physical and will offer it to its members at different intervals. However, if a medical plan offers one annually, it should be taken advantage of. 

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