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Are you a high school, college, or medical student looking for real-world experience in the medical field? Interning at our practice office will be the stepping stone you need to propel your professional journey forward.

Are you applying to college/nursing/pre-med/pre-pharm programs and need hands on experience to add to your CV resume or need a letter of recommendation? Do you need an internship to fulfill your clinical hours to apply to PA school? Then this is the perfect internship for you!


Whether you're just starting your medical journey or aiming to elevate your career, our practice office is the ideal platform to enhance your knowledge and expertise.

We offer a unique hands-on experience that spans beyond textbook knowledge, providing you with invaluable skills in talking to patients, performing ECGs, spirometry, and various other procedures. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how a medical office operates and navigate the intricacies of insurance procedures, adding to your skill set and boosting your CV impressively.

By interning here, you'll be exposed to a vibrant environment that fosters networking and engagement, allowing you to form meaningful connections with fellow interns, medical professionals, and patients. Our practice thrives on independence, encouraging you to take charge of your learning and development. Enhance your interpersonal skills by working closely with our supportive team, who will mentor you throughout your internship and prepare you for any future challenges.

Interning with us is more than just a learning opportunity; it is a springboard for your career plan. From project management to honing your interview techniques, you'll be equipped with the tools necessary to succeed in your medical pursuits. The experience gained here will instill confidence in your abilities and set you apart in the competitive healthcare landscape.

As an aspiring primary care physician, as well as an advocate and supporter of primary care practice, this experience was golden to me. Not only do you gain hands-on clinical experience with patients by taking their vitals and histories, you also get to know about the US healthcare system and its differences from the Korean system. By observing Dr. Kim's encounters with patients and calling patients on their labs and counseling them, you can learn the assessment and planning part as well, which I find most educational and rewarding. This internship is truly a complete package of what you could expect from primary care USCE. Plus, you could get tons of valuable information regarding match and residency life from Dr. Kim and make friends with the clinic staff, not to mention enjoy its proximity to New York City in your free time. I really enjoyed my time there, and I appreciate Dr. Kim for providing me with this opportunity. (Internship 3/2023)
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